Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

The Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) at Dartmouth College encompasses all areas of ecology, evolutionary biology and related disciplines. The programs seeks to train highly qualified and motivated students for productive careers in research and teaching through completion of a Ph.D. degree.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

The core faculty in the program are ecologists and evolutionary biologists in the Department of Biological Sciences and the Environmental Studies Program. Close collaboration exists with other biologists in the Department of Biological Sciences and various departments in Dartmouth Medical School, as well with colleagues in the Earth Sciences and Geography Departments and the Thayer School of Engineering. Overall, a thriving community of faculty and students engage in graduate education and research in ecology and evolutionary biology.

Teaching and Research

Dartmouth is the smallest of the Ivy League institutions and has a long-standing tradition of close student-faculty ties, a tradition that is enthusiastically embraced by the EEB program. The program currently consists of 15 core faculty and about 14 graduate students. About five students are accepted for admission each year. Each student works closely with a faculty advisor and has the opportunity to interact daily with other members of the program. Students who have already decided on their area of specialization select their advisor through correspondence and personal interaction during the application process, while those who are less certain of their interests may pursue small research projects in different laboratories during the first year.  Prospective applicants to the program click here.

Seminar and Lunch Series

The program is a sponsor of the Cramer Seminar Series with speakers drawn by invitation from a wide variety of institutions. In addition, weekly EELunches provide a forum for students to present their "research in progress" and have informal exchanges over current topics in ecology and evolutionary biology. An annual weekend retreat is held each fall to provide further time for learning and interacting.