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  • Professor Olga Zhaxybayeva has been selected to be one of the 2014 Simons Investigators in Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems.  This support enables the long-term research of "outstanding theoretical scientists."  For more information about the Simons Foundation, please visit their website.

  • Professor Kathy Cottingham gave a Plenary Address at the 2014 Ecological Society of America Meeting in Sacramento, California.  The title of her talk was "Wearing an ecologist’s hat and facing a world of change." 

  • The Journal of Cell Biology, February 17, 2014 issue features Prof. Amy Gladfelter in "People & Ideas."  In the article, Prof. Gladfelter talks about her current research and how her path through life led her to research and teaching.  To read the full article, please click here.

  • Prof. Michael Dietrich is featured in the January 1, 2014 issue of The Scientist Magazine.  The article, Drawn to Controversy, highlights his many successes as a philosopher and historian of science and tells how his unusual choice be a faculty member in a biology department has impacted his remarkable career.  Prof. Dietrich was named a...

  • The Life Sciences Greenhouse has an extensive and varied plant collection with a wide range of diversity, utility and beauty, including many orchid species and hybrids.

    The Arpophyllum spicatum, an orchid species from Central America, is covered in miniscule, nearly-neon pink flowers.

    Familia: Orchidaceae
    Subfamilia: Epidendroideae
    Tribus: Epidendreae
    Subtribus: Laeliinae


    Graduate student Ramsa Chaves Ulloa and undergraduate Ellen Irwin discuss lab work, fieldwork, mosquitos, and...

  • A video presentation of Robin Costello's undergraduate thesis project.

    A link to Robin's peer-reviewed publication of her...

  • The Life Sciences Greenhouse opened in August 2011.  There is an extensive and varied plant collection with a wide range of diversity, utility and beauty. Among the most popular and diverse of our collections is the Brout Orchid Collection, home to about a thousand orchids of many species and hybrids.  The orchid collection is in two rooms.  There are three other rooms open to the public: a tropical room, a sub-tropical room, and a xeric room housing cacti and succulents.  

    There is...