Karl E. Griswold

Adjunct Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae
HB 8000
Biological Sciences
Engineering Sciences
B.S. South West Texas State University
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin

Selected Publications

Lamppa J.W., Tanyos S.A., Griswold K.E. Engineering Escherichia coli for Soluble Expression and Single Step Purification of Active Human Lysozyme. Journal of Biotechnology (2013), 164, pp. 1-8

Choi Y., Griswold K.E., Bailey-Kellogg C. Structure-based Redesign of Proteins for Minimal T cell Epitope Content. Journal of Computational Chemistry (2013), 34(10), pp. 879-891

Lamppa J.W. and Griswold K.E. Alginate Lyase Exhibits Catalysis-Independent Biofilm Dispersion and Antibiotic Synergy. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (2013), 57(1), pp. 137-145

Parker A.S., Choi Y.J., Griswold K.E., Bailey-Kellogg C. Structure-Guided Deimmunization of Therapeutic Proteins. Journal of Computational Biology (2013), 20(2), pp. 152-165

Osipovitch D.C., Parker A.S., Makokha C.D., Desrosiers J., Kett W.C., Moise L., Bailey-Kellogg C., Griswold K.E. Design and Analysis of Immune-Evading Enzymes for ADEPT Therapy. Protein Engineering, Design & Selection (2012), 25(10), pp. 613-624

Parker A.S., Griswold K.E., Bailey-Kellogg C. Optimization of combinatorial mutagenesis. Journal of Computational Biology (2011), 18(11), pp. 1-14

Parker A.S., Griswold K.E., Bailey-Kellogg C. Optimization of Therapeutic Proteins to Delete T-Cell Epitopes While Maintaining Beneficial Residue Interactions. Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (2011), 9(2), pp. 207-229

Lamppa J.W., Ackerman M.E., Lai J.I., Scanlon T.C., Griswold K.E. Genetically Engineered Alginate Lyase-PEG Conjugates Exhibit Enhanced Catalytic Function and Reduced Immunoreactivity. PLoS One (2011), 6(2): e17042

Gill A., Scanlon T.C., Osipovitch D.C., Madden D.R., Griswold K.E. Crystal structure of a charge engineered human lysozyme having enhanced bactericidal activity. PLoS One (2011), 6(3): e16788

Scanlon T.C., Teneback C.C., Gill A., Bement J.L., Lamppa J.W., Weiner J.A., LeClair L.W., Griswold, K.E. Enhanced antimicrobial activity of engineered human lysozyme. ACS Chemical Biology (2010), 5(9), pp. 809-818

Scanlon T.C., Jewell H.L., Gray E.C., Griswold K.E. The Monoclonal Myth. Bioengineered Bugs (2010), 1(3), pp. 1-4

Zheng W., Griswold K.E., Bailey-Kellogg C. Protein fragment swapping: A method for asymmetric, selective site-directed recombination. Journal of Computational Biology (2010), 17(3), pp. 459-475

Parker A.S., Zheng W., Griswold K.E., Bailey-Kellogg C. Optimization algorithms for functional deimmunization of therapeutic proteins. BMC Bioinformatics (2010) , 11(1), 180

Scanlon T.C., Gray E.C., Griswold K.E. Quantifying and Resolving Multiple Vector Transformants in S. cerevisiae Plasmid Libraries. BMC Biotechnology (2009), 9(1), 95

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Works in Progress

Engineering Antibacterial Biocatalysts; Deimmunization of Protein Biotherapeutics; Antibody Targeting of Nanoparticle Cancer Therapies