Paula R. Sundstrom

Selected publications

Hogan DA, Sundstrom PThe Ras/cAMP/PKA signaling pathway and virulence in Candida albicans.Future Microbiol 2009 Dec; 4(10):1263-70PMID: 19995187

Rollenhagen C, Wollert T, Langford GM, Sundstrom PStimulation of cell motility and expression of late markers of differentiation in human oral keratinocytes by Candida albicans.Cell Microbiol 2009 Jun; 11(6):946-66PMID: 19302578

Wolyniak MJ, Sundstrom PRole of actin cytoskeletal dynamics in activation of the cyclic AMP pathway and HWP1 gene expression in Candida albicans.Eukaryot Cell 2007 Oct; 6(10):1824-40PMID: 17715368

Ponniah G, Rollenhagen C, Bahn YS, Staab JF, Sundstrom PState of differentiation defines buccal epithelial cell affinity for cross-linking to Candida albicans Hwp1.J Oral Pathol Med 2007 Sep; 36(8):456-67PMID: 17686003

Kim S, Wolyniak MJ, Staab JF, Sundstrom PA 368-base-pair cis-acting HWP1 promoter region, HCR, of Candida albicans confers hypha-specific gene regulation and binds architectural transcription factors Nhp6 and Gcf1p.Eukaryot Cell 2007 Apr; 6(4):693-709PMID: 17220463