Courses and Syllabi

We offer a wide array of courses in the biological sciences. There are courses targeted at students with strongly developed interests in biology, and courses for non-majors interested in learning more about biology or meeting their science distribution requirements.

Course Progression

  • For many students, Biology 11, The Science of Life, will be the entrance course to the major.
  • Students who perform well on the self-assessment exam may decide to start the major by enrolling in courses at the  Foundation Level.
  • Foundation Level courses are prerequisites for Intermediate Level and Advanced Level courses.

For more detailed information about the major, please visit our Majors and Minors page.

Biology Department Curriculum

Subjects include:

  • behavior
  • biochemistry
  • bioinformatics
  • cell biology
  • developmental biology
  • computational biology
  • ecology
  • evolutionary ecology
  • genetics
  • genomics
  • human biology
  • molecular ecology
  • molecular evolution
  • molecular genetics
  • neurobiology
  • organismal biology
  • paleobiology
  • physiology
  • plant biology
  • plant molecular biology

For course offerings, course descriptions and schedules, please visit the Registrar.

Teaching Opportunities

Interested in Teaching High School Biology?

The Biology Department offers an area of concentration in secondary education. For more information, please email Prof. Kevin Peterson.