Foreign Study Program

Since 1977, students of the Biology Foreign Study Program (Bio FSP) have spent their winter term conducting original ecological research at field stations in Costa Rica and the Caribbean. 

Program Description

Students on the Bio FSP take three courses (Bio 55, 56, 57). The three courses are taken as a package during winter term of each year. The schedule is intensive and includes extensive fieldwork, laboratories, lectures, discussions, and research projects. Accommodations are at assorted field stations in Costa Rica (6 weeks) and at a marine laboratory on Little Cayman Island (3 weeks).

Enrollment is limited to 15 students (usually a mix of juniors and seniors; note that a College requirement to be "in residence" senior year does not apply to Bio FSP). Prospective students are encouraged to talk to faculty and staff members for suggestions regarding course work and experience to prepare for the Bio FSP.

Schedule: Winter term of each year. Applications due in January of the previous year. Interviews are required for all applicants. Interviews are normally in the winter term. Please contact staff in the fall if you expect to be off-campus during the time of interviews.

Printable syllabus from Winter 2019