"Meet Me in the Middle of the Air"

Professor Eric Schaller has published a collection of short stories, titled "Meet Me in the Middle of the Air." His fiction has appeared in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, Fantasy: Best of the Year, SciFiction, Postscripts, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Polyphony, New Genre, Shadows & Tall Trees, as well as others.

Meet Me in the Middle of the Air:

“Eric Schaller’s stories hover in between dreams and realities, making the real surreal and the surreal frightfully difficult to wake from. These stories are the work of a mad scientist writing in a single moment of sanity, or perhaps of a sane man experimenting madly on our imaginations. Here is a writer whose pen is a sharp-tipped instrument that digs beneath the skin. The air of these stories is always full of ghosts and screams, but if you listen carefully, you’ll hear laughter, too … or is it the cackling of the damned?”

—Matthew Cheney, Hudson-prize winning author of Blood

To read more about the collection, visit http://www.undertowbooks.com/middle-of-the-air/.