Nathan Gerard Giffard

Research Laboratory Manager - Chen Lab

Persistent pollutants are toxic chemicals that adversely affect animals, humans, and the environment worldwide. As these pollutants continue to spread and accumulate, it is vital to understand how these changes impact food web dynamics and environmental health. For that reason, my research focuses on the fate and transport of persistent pollutants in freshwater and marine ecosystems. More specifically, my work addresses the uptake and bioaccumulation of mercury and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The goal of this work is to better understand the dynamics of these contaminants, and to help regulators and legislators set meaningful health advisories and regulatory standards for drinking water, fish, and shellfish here in the State of New Hampshire.


Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center, 108
HB 6044


  • B.S. Dartmouth College
  • M.S. Candidate in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences, Dartmouth