William R. Green

Academic Appointments

Professor of Microbiology and Immunology
The Elmer R. Pfefferkorn Professor
Chair of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology

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603W Borwell
HB 7556
Biological Sciences
Case Western Reserve University, PHD 1977
University of Michigan, BS 1972

Selected publications

Green KA, Cook WJ, Green WR Myeloid-derived suppressor cells in murine retrovirus-induced AIDS inhibit T- and B-cell responses in vitro that are used to define the immunodeficiency. J Virol 2013 Feb; 87(4):2058-71 PMID: 23221564

Li W, Green WR Immunotherapy of murine retrovirus-induced acquired immunodeficiency by CD4 T regulatory cell depletion and PD-1 blockade. J Virol 2011 Dec; 85(24):13342-53 PMID: 21917983

Li W, Carlson TL, Green WR Stimulation-dependent induction of CD154 on a subset of CD4+ FoxP3+ T-regulatory cells. Int Immunopharmacol 2011 Sep; 11(9):1205-10 PMID: 21496498

Rutkowski MR, Stevens CA, Green WR Impaired memory CD8 T cell responses against an immunodominant retroviral cryptic epitope. Virology 2011 Apr 10; 412(2):256-68 PMID: 21295815

Carlson TL, Green KA, Green WR Alternative translational reading frames as a novel source of epitopes for an expanded CD8 T-cell repertoire: use of a retroviral system to assess the translational requirements for CTL recognition and lysis. Viral Immunol 2010 Dec; 23(6):577-83 PMID: 21142443

Rutkowski MR, Ho O, Green WR Defining the mechanism(s) of protection by cytolytic CD8 T cells against a cryptic epitope derived from a retroviral alternative reading frame. Virology 2009 Aug 1; 390(2):228-38 PMID: 19539970

Green KA, Okazaki T, Honjo T, Cook WJ, Green WR The programmed death-1 and interleukin-10 pathways play a down-modulatory role in LP-BM5 retrovirus-induced murine immunodeficiency syndrome. J Virol 2008 Mar; 82(5):2456-69 PMID: 18094175

Ho O, Green WR Alternative translational products and cryptic T cell epitopes: expecting the unexpected. J Immunol 2006 Dec 15; 177(12):8283-9 PMID: 17142722

Li W, Green WR Murine AIDS requires CD154/CD40L expression by the CD4 T cells that mediate retrovirus-induced disease: Is CD4 T cell receptor ligation needed? Virology 2007 Mar 30; 360(1):58-71 PMID: 17113120

Rich RF, Green WR Apoptosis of epitope-specific antiretroviral cytotoxic T lymphocytes via Fas ligand-Fas interactions. Viral Immunol 2006 Summer; 19(3):424-33 PMID: 16987061

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