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  • Tenure-track Assistant Professorship in Ecology

    We seek highly qualified candidates working in any area of ecology, but especially welcome applicants who would employ observations and experiments in the field in local ecosystems to address broadly relevant conceptual issues in ecology.

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  • Kudos!

    Celebrating our shared achievements in the biological sciences undergraduate and graduate programs!

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  • Greenhouse

    The Arpophyllum spicatum, an orchid species from Central America, is covered in miniscule, nearly-neon pink flowers.

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  • Biology Graduate Student Mentors

    Graduate student Ramsa Chaves Ulloa and undergraduate Ellen Irwin discuss lab work, fieldwork, mosquitos, and, most importantly, friendship, mentoring, and mutual development.

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  • The Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center

    In keeping with the mission of Dartmouth College, the faculty and staff of the Department of Biological Sciences are committed to providing educational and research experiences of the highest quality for undergraduate and graduate students.

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Recent Publications

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  • microRNAs support the monophyly of enteropneust hemichordates

    Kevin J. Peterson, Su, Y.-H., Arnone, M. I., Swalla, B. J., King, B.

    Journal of Experimental Zoology (Molecular and Developmental Evolution)

  • Mining Tertiary Structural Motifs for Assessment of Designability

    J. Zhang, Gevorg Grigoryan

    Methods in Enzymology

  • The end of the Ediacara biota: Extinction, biotic replacement, or Cheshire Cat?

    Laflamme, M., Darroch, S. A. F., Tweet, S. M., Kevin J. Peterson, Erwin, D. H.

    Gondwana Research

  • Functional characterization of type-B response regulators in the Arabidopsis cytokinin response

    Hill, K., Mathews, D.E., Kim, H.J., Street, I.H., Wildes, S.L., Chiang, Y.H., Mason, M.G., Alonso, J.M., , Ecker, J.R., Kieber, J.J and, G. Eric Schaller

    Plant Physiol.