Graduate Programs in Biological Sciences

We offer two vibrant doctoral graduate programs that reflect the remarkably diverse faculty research interests in our department. The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) program encompasses all areas of ecology, evolutionary biology, and related disciplines, while the Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) program spans topics from biophysics to molecular pathogenesis. 

These programs, while distinct, collaborate to mutual benefit. The EEB students may help an MCB lab with modeling and statistics, while MCB labs may assist EEB students with molecular techniques—just one example of the many ways these groups create synergy.

Graduate Study Programs

Molecular and Cellular Biology



We are an interactive and collegial community of scientists dedicated to innovative, world-class research. In this environment, we train our diverse student population to become precise and creative thinkers who impact science and society.

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Graduate Study Programs

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

The Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) at Dartmouth College encompasses all areas of ecology, evolutionary biology and related disciplines. The programs seeks to train highly qualified and motivated students for productive careers in research and teaching through completion of a Ph.D. degree. The core faculty in the program are ecologists and evolutionary biologists in the Department of Biological Sciences and the Environmental Studies Program. Close collaboration exists with other biologists in the Department of Biological Sciences and various departments in Dartmouth Medical School, as well with colleagues in the Earth Sciences and Geography Departments and the Thayer School of Engineering. Overall, a thriving community of faculty and students engage in graduate education and research in ecology and evolutionary biology.