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  • Bypassing Iron Storage in Endodermal Vacuoles Rescues the Iron Mobilization Defect in the natural resistance associated-macropha

    Mary Lou Guerinot, Mary, V., Schnell Ramos, M., Gillet, C., Socha, A.L., Giraudat, J., Agorio, A., Merlot, S., Clairet, C., Kim, S.A., Punshon,T, Thomine, S, et al.

    Plant Physiology

  • Heterochromatin-Associated Proteins HP1a and Piwi Collaborate to Maintain the Association of Achiasmate Homologs in Drosophila

    Christopher Giauque, Sharon E. Bickel


  • Purification and Localization of Intraflagellar Transport Particles and Polypeptides

    Roger D. Sloboda

    Cytoskeleton; Methods and Protocols

  • Evolutionary escalation: the bat-moth arms race

    Hannah ter Hofstede, John M. Ratcliffe

    Journal of Experimental Biology