Carol L. Folt

Selected publications

Ward, D M, K H Nislow, and C L Folt, Increased Population Density and Suppressed Prey Biomass: Relative Impacts on Juvenile Atlantic Salmon Growth, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society , 138:1 (2009) 135-143.

Chen, C Y, P C Pickhardt, M Q Xum, and C L Folt, “Mercury and Arsenic Bioaccumulation and Eutrophication in Baiyangdian Lake,” Water, AirandSoil Pollution , 190:1-4 (2008) 115-127.

Kennedy B P, K H Nislow, and C L Folt, “Linking Consumption Rates to Habitat, Growth and Survival of Juvenile Atlantic Salmon,” Ecology , 89:9 (2008) 2529-2541.

Ward, D M, K H Nislow, and C L Folt, “Do Native Species Limit Survival of Reintroduced Altantic Salmon in Historic Rearing Streams?” Biological Conservation , 141:1 (2008) 146-152.

Karimi, R, C Y Chen, N S Fisher, P C Pickhardt, and C L Folt, “Stoichiometric Controls of Mercury Dilution by Growth,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104:18 (2007) 7477-7482.

Shaw, J R, J K Colbourne, J C Davey, S P Glaholt, T H Hampton, C Y Chen, C L Folt, and J W Hamilton, “Gene Response Profiles for Daphnia pulex Exposed to the Environmental Stressor Cadmium Reveals Novel Crustacean Metallothioneins,” BMC Genomics , 8:477 (2007).

Works in progress

Accumulation and biomagnification of metals

Genomic responses to metal toxicity

Restoration of Atlantic salmon