Elizabeth F. Smith

Paul M. Dauten Jr. Professor
Associate Dean for the Sciences
Professor in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program

The proper assembly and regulated function of eukaryotic cilia is critical for development and sustained human health. We use a variety of biochemical, molecular, and genetic techniques to elucidate the signal transduction pathways that regulate motor proteins responsible for ciliary beating.

226 Life Sciences Center
HB 6044
Biological Sciences
Dean of Faculty
B.A. Agnes Scott College
Ph.D. Emory University

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Selected Publications

DiPetrillo, C., and E.F. Smith. (2010) Pcdp1 is a central apparatus protein that binds Ca 2+ -calmodulin and regulates ciliary motility. Journal of Cell Biology 189(3):601-612

Straschil, U., A. Talman, D. Ferguson, K. Bunting, Z. Xu, Liz Bailes, J. Coates, T. Holder, E.F. Smith, and R. Tewari. (2010) The armadillo repeat protein PF16 is essential for flagellar structure and function in Plasmodium male gametes. PLoS ONE . Vol. 5:10 e12901

Smith, E.F. and R. Rohatgi. (2011) Cilia 2010: The surprise organelle of the decade. Science Signaling. 4:55 mr1. 

Dymek, E.E., T. Heuser, D. Nicastro and E.F. Smith. (2011) The CSC is required for complete radial spoke assembly and wild-type ciliary motility. Molecular Biology of the Cell 22(14):2520-31

DiPetrillo, C. and E.F. Smith. (2011) The Pcdp1 complex coordinates the activity of dynein isoforms to produce wild-type ciliary motility. Molecular Biology of the Cell 22(23):4527-38 .

Goduti, D., and E.F. Smith. (2012) Analyses of functional domains within the PF6 protein of the central apparatus reveal a role for PF6 sub-complex members in regulating flagellar beat frequency. Cytoskeleton 69(3):179-94

Dymek, E.E. and E.F. Smith. (2012) Chlamydomonas PF19 encodes the p60 subunit of katanin and is required for central apparatus assembly and motility. J. Cell Science 125(Pt 14):3357-66

Brown J.M., C. DiPetrillo , E.F. Smith, G.B. Witman. (2012) A FAP46 mutant provides new insights into the function and assembly of the C1d complex of the ciliary central apparatus.  Journal of Cell Science 125(16):3904-13

Heuser, T., E.E. Dymek, J. Lin, E.F. Smith, and D. Nicastro. (2012) The CSC connects three major axonemal complexes involved in dynein regulation. Molecular Biology of the Cell 23(16):3143-55

DiPetrillo, C. and E.F. Smith. (2013) Methods for analysis of calcium / calmodulin signaling in cilia and flagella.  Methods in Enzymology, 524: 37-57.

Wren, K.N., J.M. Craft, D. Tritschler, A. Schauer, D.K. Patel, E.F Smith, M.E. Porter, P. Kner, K.F.Lechtreck. (2013) A differential cargo-loading model of ciliary length regulation by IFT.  Current Biology. Dec 16;23(24):2463-71.

Vasudevan, K.K., K. Song, L.M. Alford, W.S. Sale, E.E. Dymek, E.F Smith, T. Hennessey, E. Joachimiak, P. Urbanska, D. Wloga, W. Dentler, D. Nicastro, and J. Gaertig. (2015) FAP206 is a microtubule-docking adapter for ciliary radial spoke 2 and dynein c.  Molecular Biology of the Cell. Feb 15;26(4):696-710.

Perrone, C.A., D. Tritschler, R. Bower, E. T. O'Toole, M. J. Wargo, E. F. Smith, and M. E. Porter. BOP2 encodes a novel WD-repeat protein that regulates inner arm dynein activity. (in preparation)



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Works in Progress

"Regulation of Ciliary and Flagellar Motility: Understanding the Function of Calmodulin and Interacting Proteins”