Lee R. Lynd

Paul E. and Joan H. Queneau Distinguished Professor in Environmental Engineering Design
Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences

My research examines the production of energy from plant biomass and microbial cellulose utilization. My research group has written more than 100 papers, book chapters, and reviews and completed 11 patents and patent applications. I frequently present on the technical and strategic aspects of biomass energy and have testified three times before the United States Senate.

Curriculum Vitae
HB 8000
Biological Sciences
Engineering Sciences
B.S. Bates College
M.S. Thayer School of Engineering
Ph.D. Thayer School of Engineering

Selected Publications

Dumitrache, A., G. Wolfaardt, G. Allen, S.N. Liss, and L.R. Lynd. 2012. Form and Function of Clostridium thermocellum Biofilms. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. doi:10.1128/AEM.02563-12

Brown, S.D., A.M. Guss, T.V. Karpinets, J.M. Parks, N. Smolin, S. Yang, M.L. Land, D.M. Klingeman, A. Bhandiwad, M. Rodriguez, Jr., B. Raman, X. Shao, J.R. Mielenz, J.C. Smith, M. Keller, L.R. Lynd. 2011. Mutant alcohol dehydrogenase leads to improved ethanol tolerance in Clostridium thermocellum. PNAS 108(33):13752-13757

Shaw, A.J., K.K. Podkaminer, S.G. Desai, J.S. Bardsley, S.R. Rogers, P.G. Thorne, D.A. Hogsett, and L.R. Lynd. 2008. Metabolic engineering of a thermophilic bacterium to produce ethanol at high yield. PNAS 105:13769-13774

Lynd, L.R., M.S. Laser, D. Bransby, B.E. Dale, B. Davison, R. Hamilton, M. Himmel, M. Keller, J. D. McMillan, J. Sheehan, C.E. Wyman. 2008. How biotech can transform biofuels. Nature Biotechnology 26:169-172

Lynd, L.R., M. Laser, J. McBride, K. Podkaminer, J. Hannon. Energy myth three - High land requirements and an unfavorable energy balance preclude biomass ethanol from playing a large role in providing energy services. Invited chapter in: B. Sovacool and M. Brown (eds) Energy and American Society: Thirteen Myths Springer. 2007

Lu, Y., Y.-H. P. Zhang, L.R. Lynd. 2006. Enzyme-microbe synergy during cellulose hydrolysis by Clostridium thermocellum. PNAS 103(44):16165-16169

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