Ryan Calsbeek

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

338 Life Science Center
HB 6044
Biological Sciences
B.S. Indiana University
Ph.D. University of California at Santa Cruz

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Selected Publications

Calsbeek, R and E Marnocha, “Context Dependent Neighbour Recognition in Anolis Sagrei : The Importance of Habitat Structure to Territory Defense,” Ethology , 112 (2006) 537-543.

Calsbeek, R, J H Knouft, and T B Smith, “Variation in Scale Numbers is Consistent with Ecologically Based Natural Selection Acting within and between Lizard Species,” Evolutionary Ecology , 20 (2006) 377-394.

Sinervo, B and R Calsbeek, “The Physiological, Behavioral, and Genetical Causes and Consequences of Frequency Dependent Selection in the Wild,” Annual Review of Ecology Evolution and Systematics 37 (2006) 581-610.

Sinervo, B, R Calsbeek, T Commendant, C Both, C Adamopoulou, and J Clobert, “Genetic and Maternal Determinants of Dispersal in Color Morphs of Side-blotched Lizards,” American Naturalist , 168 (2006) 88-89.

Sinervo, B, A Chaine, J Clobert, R Calsbeek, L Hazard, L Lancaster, A MacAdam, S Alonzo, G Corrigan, and M E Hochberg, “Color Morphs and Genetic Cycles of Greenbeard Altruism and Greenbeard Mutualism,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A. , 103 (2006) 7372-7377.

Works in Progress

“The Quick and the Dead: Locomotor Performance and Natural Selection in Island Lizards;”

“Probing the Adaptive Landscape Using Experimental Islands: Density Dependent Natural Selection on Lizard Body Size;”

“Correlational Selection on Heritable Polymorphic Dorsal Patterns in the Lizard,”

" Natural and Sexual Selection on Performance Related Morphology: A Test of Several Adaptive Hypotheses"