Thomas P. Jack

Professor of Biological Sciences
Professor in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program

I’m interested in the molecular basis for how cells become different from one another during development. This is a very general question that is faced by all multicellular organisms. I have chosen to address this question in plants, specifically in flowers, which consist of an array of cell, tissue, and organ types.

Curriculum Vitae
331 Life Sciences Center
HB 6044
Biological Sciences
B.S. Haverford College
Ph.D. Yale University

Selected Publications

Yang, Y and T Jack, “Defining Subdomains of the K Domain Important for Protein-Protein Interactions of Plant MADS Proteins,” Plant Molecular Biology , 55:1 (May 2004) 45-59.

“Molecular and Genetic Mechanisms of Floral Control,” The Plant Cell , 16 (March 2004) S1-S17.

Yang, Y, H Xiang, and T Jack, pistillata-5 , an Arabidopsis Floral Organ Identity Mutant with Defects in Petal Development, Plant Journal , (2003) 33 177-188.

Yang, Y, L Fanning, and T Jack, “The K Domain Mediates Heterodimerization of the Arabidopsis Floral Organ Identity Proteins, APETALA3 and PISTILLATA,” Plant Journal , 33 (2003) 47-60.

Jack, T, “Flower Development,” Encyclopedia of Plant and Crop Science , R Goodman (ed.) (2003) 464-467.

Speaking Engagements

March, 2010:  Mid Atlantic Section of American Society of Plant Biologists Annual Spring Meeting (25 min)

March, 2010:  University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore MD

February, 2010:  University of Arizona, Department of Plant Science, Tuscon, AZ

12/09:  University of Pennsylvania, Department of Biology, Philadelphia PA

September, 2008:  National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA

June, 2007:  Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Flower Development Meeting, Maratea, Italy (40 min)

June, 2007:  University of Cologne, Department of Developmental Biology, Cologne, Germany

July, 2006:  Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, lecturer in summer - Plant Biology course (2 hours)

Selected Works and Activities

Greenhouse Committee, 1994-present, chair 1994-2005

Space Committee, 1994-present