Books, Publications, and Guides

FSP students have published a wide range of projects.

Starting in 1991, the Bio FSP started self-publishing a book from the research projects conducted on the course. Below we provide access to the books from 1991 to the present. In addition, we also have some hand-written papers dating back to 1978 from the marine segment of the course. Many of the research projects that students have conducted have been published in the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science (DJUS) and some have been published in peer-reviewed journals as well. We also provide links to some of these published articles. Finally, the Bio FSP has also inspired the creativity of many students, and we include poems, artwork, and videos produced by students while on the program.

Nature Guides

Below are custom nature guides created by prior Bio FSP programs to focus on the plants and animals that we commonly see in Costa Rica and the Caribbean.

Stunning library of images and videos compiled by Kyle Kittelberger (Bio FSP 2015).  This includes many rarely photographed species, including a Hairstreak butterfly from Monteverde that was just described to science in 2015, and a Gray-throated Leaftosser nest, also from Monteverde, which was only the second time the nest of this rare bird has been found and documented in Costa Rica. Kyle and his colleagues also provide a well annotated species list for Bio FSP 2015.

Costa Rica


Poems, Artwork, and Videos

2011 program


With warmth in our hearts and chiggers in our socks,
We want you all to know that Corcovado rocks.
Don’t put your foot in a hole that you cannot see,
Or else you’ll end up as an amputee.
Life there’s tough with the bugs and the heat
But with your FSP friends, it can’t be beat.

A song for Professor Calsbeek

Extra Large Data Archive

Starting in 2010, the Bio FSP has made a concerted effort to follow international trends of archiving data and associated meta-data. These data files are now available for future Bio FSP courses and may be useful for comparing projects across years.