Research Opportunities

Research strengthens any student's knowledge of a field.

Research Opportunities

 The Biology Department offers a number of opportunities for undergraduate research. Some students pursue research only for one term, while others spend up to four years working in the same laboratory.

Undergraduate Research in Biology:  In this video, Alana Bernys '20 talks about finding a lab, research for credit and completing an honors thesis. 

Department faculty host undergraduate researchers through campus-wide programs such as WISP and Presidential Scholars, our departmental independent study and Honors programs, and nationwide programs such as Leadership Alliance and NSF's Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU). 

We encourage all undergraduates interested in a research experience to talk with faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and other undergraduates about what type of research experience might be most appropriate for them, and to be assertive about contacting prospective research advisors. Please keep in mind that most research laboratories sponsor a few undergraduates at a time, and so lack of a research opportunity in a particular lab at a particular time often means only that there is a lack of space. Be persistent and flexible — in our experience, most everyone who truly wants a research experience is able to find one during his/her time at Dartmouth.


More information

Please check out the Biology Department bulletin board outside the main office where you will find job listings for opportunities here at Dartmouth and at other institutions.

If you are interested in learning more about undergraduate research in the sciences at Dartmouth, check out the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science.