Intermediate Level Course Syllabi

Biology 21

Population Ecology

Biology 22

Methods in Ecology

Biology 24

Vertebrate Zoology

Biology 25

Introductory Marine Biology and Ecology

Biology 26

Global Change Biology

Offered starting the spring of 2019 by Prof. Caitlin Pries

Biology 27

Animal Behavior

Biology 28


Biology 29


Biology 31

Physiological Ecology

Biology 32

Animal Communication

Biology 37


Biology 41

Cells into Organs: Assembly, Function and Disease

Fall 2018: Prof. Bing He


Biology 42

Biology of the Immune Response

  • Winter 2019: Prof. William Green, Prof. Mary Jo Turk, Prof. Patricia Pioli

Biology 43

Developmental Biology

Spring 2018:  Prof. Erik Griffin

Biology 45

Molecular Biology

Biology 46


  • Fall 2018:  Prof. Mary Lou Guerinot, Prof. George O'Toole, Prof. Rob Cramer, Prof. David Leib

Biology 47

Genomics: Data to Analysis

Biology 49/ Psychology 46

Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

Spring 2017:  Prof. Michael Hoppa and Prof. Robert Maue