Intermediate Level Course Syllabi

Biology 21

Population Ecology

Fall 2017:  Prof. Mark McPeek

Biology 22

Methods in Ecology

Summer 2019: Prof. Jessica Trout-Haney

Biology 24

Vertebrate Zoology

Fall 2021: Prof. Ryan Calsbeek

Biology 25

Introductory Marine Biology and Ecology

Fall 2020: Prof. Celia Chen


Biology 26

Global Change Biology

Spring 2021: Prof. Caitlin Hicks Pries


Biology 27

Animal Behavior

Fall 2020: Prof. Ryan Calsbeek

Biology 28


Winter 2023: Prof. Kevin Peterson


Biology 29


Winter 2020: Prof. Kathy Cottingham

Biology 31

Physiological Ecology

Spring 2013: Prof. Matt Ayres

Biology 35/ Psychology 35 =

Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

Spring 2017: Prof. Michael Hoppa

Biology 41

Cells into Organs: Assembly, Function and Disease

Fall 2022: Prof. Bing He



Biology 42

Biology of the Immune Response

Winter 2021: Prof. Mary Jo Turk, Prof. Patricia Pioli, Prof. Joshua Obar, Prof. Randy Noelle, Prof. William Green and Prof. Jay Rothstein


Biology 43

Developmental Biology

Spring 2021: Prof. Erik Griffin


Biology 45

Molecular Biology

Winter 2021: Prof. Natasha Grotz


Biology 46


Spring 2021: Prof. Carey Nadell, Prof. George O'Toole, Prof. Robb Cramer, Prof. David Leib


Biology 47

Genomics: Data to Analysis

Fall 2021 : Prof. Olga Zhaxybayeva



Biology 48

Disease, The Environment and Human History

Fall 2018: Prof. Mark McPeek