Advanced Level Course Syllabi

Biology 50.02

Ecology of Infectious Disease

Spring 2022:  Prof. Kathy Cottingham

Biology 51

Advanced Population Ecology

Fall 2017:  Prof. Mark McPeek

Biology 55, 56, 57

The Biology Foreign Study Program

Winter 2019: Profs. Matt Ayres, Hannah ter Hofstede and Celia Chen

Biology 60.01

Evolutionary Ecology

Winter 2020: Prof. Ryan Calsbeek

Biology 60.02

Evolution of Sex

Winter 2022: Prof. Ryan Calsbeek

Biology 63

RNA: The Real Secret of Life

Winter 2023: Prof. Kevin Peterson

Biology 66

Molecular Basis of Cancer

Spring 2020: Prof. Natasha Grotz


Biology 69

Cell Signaling

Spring 2020: Prof. Patrick Dolph


Biology 71

Current Topics in Cell Biology

Winter 2021: Prof. Wei-Lih Lee


Biology 74.01

Advanced Neurobiology

Fall 2019: Prof. Michael Hoppa

BIOL 74.02

Diseases of the Nervous System

Winter 2022: Prof. Robert Hill

Biology 76

Advanced Genetics

Fall 2021: Prof. Rob McClung

Biology 78

Molecular Mysteries of Human Biology

Winter 2024: Prof. Lee Witters