Dartmouth-sponsored Research Programs

Dartmouth offers a number of campus-wide programs to support undergraduate research.

Undergraduate Research


Leigh Goulbourne '17 was a WISP intern in the laboratory of Prof. Mary Lou Guerinot last year and now she is a Sophomore Science Scholar. Suzana Car, completed her Ph.D. in the lab, was Leigh's mentor.


Undergraduate Advising and Research (UGAR)

The Undergraduate Advising and Research office is a great resource for Dartmouth undergrads interested in conducting research with Dartmouth faculty.  For information on the programs offered by UGAR as well information on other sources of funding, please visit the UGAR site by clicking here.

Women in Science Program

The WISP program at Dartmouth matches first-year female students with appropriate mentors in a two-term research internship.

Shoals Marine Lab Summer Research

The Shoals Marine Lab Summer Research program provides grants for students to work on projects at Shoals Marine Lab full time during the summer. The Lab is on Appledore Island off the coast of Maine and includes research facilities and classrooms in addition to living space for faculty, students, and staff.  Students interested in the program should work with a Dartmouth faculty mentor to develop a research proposal in marine biology, sustainability, earth sciences, or environmental engineering.

James O. Freedman Presidential Scholars

The James O. Freedman Presidential Scholars program provides funding for juniors to experience research first-hand by working with Dartmouth faculty in part-time research assistantships. Students in the top 40% of their class receive an invitation, in winter term of their sophomore year, to apply for the program.

E.E. Just Program

The E.E. Just Program provides internships to eligible juniors and seniors who have declared a science major.

EE Just Internship at the Marine Biological Laboratory

The E.E. Just Internship at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole provides Dartmouth students with a unique opportunity to work alongside leading scientists at the very institution where E.E. Just made many of his important scientific discoveries.  For more information about this internship, please click here.

Max Planck Institutes

In conjunction with German Studies, we also provide leave-term fellowships to do research at the Max Planck institutes in Germany. Please click here for more information about the opportunities at the Max Planck Institutes.