Cramer Seminar Series

The weekly seminar series held during the Fall, Winter and Spring terms.

Background & Philosophy

The weekly seminar series named for R. Melville Cramer (Dartmouth 1877) in honor of his interest in promoting graduate education in biology. Towards this end, graduate students, faculty, and associates are encouraged to invite creative and productive scholars from other institutions to visit the Department of Biological Sciences at Dartmouth College, present an open seminar, and engage in scientific discussions. Visits are typically a couple of days with a seminar on Friday at 11:30 am - 12:30 pm, unless otherwise noted. A priority of the seminar series is to engage leading scientists from around the world to participate as outside committee members for Ph.D. students in the Department of Biological Sciences. Because interests within the department range from molecules to ecosystems, we also seek guests whose research seminar will be of interest to a diverse community of biologists.

All seminars are held in Room 201 in the Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center unless otherwise noted.

To inquire about scheduling a Cramer Seminar speaker, please contact Prof. Eric Schaller.



Cramer Series Schedule

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Date Time Speaker's Name Topic Host(s)
04/03/20 CANCELLED Julia van Kessel, Indiana University Quorum-sensing Gene Regulation: How Vibrio harveyi Turns on the Light Carey Nadell
04/10/20 CANCELLED Jayne Yack, Carleton University What Does a Butterfly Hear? A Foray in the Unexpected Vibro-acoustic Worlds of Insects Hannah ter Hofstede/Mia Phillips
04/17/20 CANCELLED Bob Schmitz, University of Georgia The Prevalence, Evolution and Chromatin Signatures of Genetic Regulatory Elements Mary Lou Guerinot
04/24/20 CANCELLED No seminar    
05/01/20 CANCELLED No seminar    
05/08/20 CANCELLED No seminar    
05/15/20 CANCELLED No seminar    
05/22/20 CANCELLED No seminar    
05/29/20 CANCELLED Sarah Gergel, University of British Columbia Uncovering the Role of Tropical Forests in Food Security and Nutrition Kathy Cottingham
09/18/20 11:30 AM - Tentative   TBA  
09/25/20 11:30 AM - Tentative Andrew Lang, Memorial University of Newfoundland TBA Roman Kogay
10/02/20 11:30 AM - Tentative Homecoming TBA  
10/09/20 11:30 AM - Tentative   TBA  
10/16/20 11:30 AM - Tentative   TBA  
10/23/20 11:30 AM - Tentative   TBA  
10/30/20 11:30 AM - Tentative   TBA  
11/06/20 11:30 AM - Tentative   TBA  
11/13/20 11:30 AM - Tentative Jesse Barber, Boise State University TBA Hannah ter Hofstede
01/08/21 11:30 AM - Tentative   TBA  
01/15/21 11:30 AM - Tentative   TBA  
01/22/21 11:30 AM - Tentative   TBA  
01/29/21 11:30 AM - Tentative   TBA  
02/05/21 11:30 AM - Tentative   TBA  
02/12/21 11:30 AM - Tentative   TBA  
02/19/21 **4:00 PM** Hold - EEES Recruiting TBA Matt Ayres
02/26/21 11:30 AM - Tentative   TBA  
03/05/21 11:30 AM - Tentative   TBA