Cramer Seminar Series

The weekly seminar series held during the Fall, Winter and Spring terms.

Background & Philosophy

The weekly seminar series named for R. Melville Cramer (Dartmouth 1877) in honor of his interest in promoting graduate education in biology. Towards this end, graduate students, faculty, and associates are encouraged to invite creative and productive scholars from other institutions to visit the Department of Biological Sciences at Dartmouth College, present an open seminar, and engage in scientific discussions. Visits are typically a couple of days with a seminar on Friday at 4:00-5:00 p.m. A priority of the seminar series is to engage leading scientists from around the world to participate as outside committee members for Ph.D. students in the Department of Biological Sciences. Because interests within the department range from molecules to ecosystems, we also seek guests whose research seminar will be of interest to a diverse community of biologists.

All seminars are held in Room 201 in the Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center unless otherwise noted.

To inquire about scheduling a Cramer Seminar speaker, please contact Prof. Eric Schaller.


Cramer Series Schedule

Please see the home page events listing for Cramer Series Scheduling or the News and Events page.

Date Time Speaker's Name Topic Host(s)
01/04/19 4PM Special Seminar: Blair Costelloe, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology Quantitative Field Studies of Collective Behavior: An Approach Using Drones and Computer Vision Carey Nadell
01/11/19 4PM No Seminar    
01/18/19 4PM No Seminar    
01/25/19 4PM No Seminar    
02/01/19 4PM No Seminar    
02/08/19 4PM No Seminar    
02/15/19 4PM No Seminar    
02/22/19 4PM Pete Marra PhD'98, Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center Studying Birds in the Context of the Annual Cycle: Carry-over Effects and Seasonal Interactions Matt Ayres
03/01/19 4PM Joel McGlothlin, Virginia Tech. Building an Adaptation: 300 Million Years of Toxin Resistance Evolution Debora Goedert
03/08/19 4PM Andrea Meredith, Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine Molecular & Biophysical Mechanisms Gating Rhythmic Excitability in the Circadian Clock Mike Hoppa
03/29/19 4PM Christopher Marx, Univ. of Idaho Single-Cell Phenotypic Heterogeneity Between Genetically Identical Cells Permits Rapid Transition to Growth with Lethal Levels of Formaldehyde Stress Carey Nadell
04/05/19 4PM Matthew Kayser, Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Using Fruit Flies to Study Sleep Regulation and Function During Development Roger Sloboda
04/12/19 4PM Hold - pending invitation TBA Mark Laidre
04/19/19 4PM Michael Caldwell, Gettysburg College TBA Ciara Kernan
04/26/19 4PM Hold - PhD Thesis    
05/03/19 4PM Hold - PhD Thesis    
05/10/19 4PM Hold - PhD Thesis    
05/17/19 4PM Not available - Senior Thesis    
05/24/19 4PM Alvaro Sanchez, Yale Univ. TBA Carey Nadell
09/20/19 4PM David Hu, Georgia Tech TBA Zi Chen
09/27/19 4PM   TBA  
10/04/19 4PM Iain Couzin, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology TBA Mark Laidre
10/11/19 4PM Homecoming TBA  
10/18/19 4PM Paul Matsudaira, National University of Singapore *Tentative Location Oopik Auditorium* TBA Tom Jack
10/25/19 4PM   TBA  
11/01/19 4PM   TBA  
11/08/19 4PM   TBA  
11/15/19 4PM   TBA