What's in Bloom?

The Life Sciences Greenhouse opened in August 2011.  There is an extensive and varied plant collection with a wide range of diversity, utility and beauty. Among the most popular and diverse of our collections is the Brout Orchid Collection, home to about a thousand orchids of many species and hybrids.  The orchid collection is in two rooms.  There are three other rooms open to the public: a tropical room, a sub-tropical room, and a xeric room housing cacti and succulents.  

There is a multi-purpose room where students come to study, and people come to have meetings or lunch.

While continuing our primary educational and research missions, we are also open to the public to enjoy our 'living botanical museum'. Informal and group tours are available. Please contact us or check out our visitor information page. We are located on the 4th floor of the new Class of 1978 Life Sciences Building on the Campus of Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. For further information please contact us at (603) 646-2382, or e-mail us greenhouse@Dartmouth.edu