Prof. Natasha Grotz receives the Dean of Faculty Teaching Award

Prof. Natasha Grotz has received the Dean of Faculty Teaching Award " in recognition for (her) outstanding contributions to Dartmouth*."  Prof. Grotz earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Dartmouth.  Following the completion of her graduate dissertation, she joined the biology department as a lecturer.   Prof. Grotz has taught numerous courses and currently teaches Molecular Biology, Cancer, Cell Structure and Function and a First-Year Writing Seminar.  In addition to teaching, Prof. Grotz is a key member of the department's Undergraduate Committee.

In her interview with Dartmouth News, Prof. Grotz said of her work as a teacher "What I love about teaching is the privilege to impact students during a critical time in their lives."  To read the full interview, please click here.






*quoted from material provided by the Dean of Faculty Office.