Biology Honors Presentations

This year's Biology Honors Thesis students seminars will begin on May 15th. 

Biology Honors Presentations - Spring 2023

May 15th:

Jiaming Ma— The CRISPR the better: Functional analysis of RabE&F2 GTPases reveal their roles in exocytosis and membrane recycling, 3:40PM - LSC 100

May 16th

Anna Lehmann—The novel gene hdsA regulates hypoxia fitness and azole susceptibility in Aspergillus fumigatus biofilms, 9:05AM - LSC 100

Stephanie Do—Scaling of early developmental asymmetries with embryo size in C. elegans, 2:25PM - LSC 201

Rachel Tiersky— Growing toward the light: CRY1 implicated in B. rapa hypocotyl elongation and blue light response, 3:10PM - LSC 201

Maia MadisonTowards a universal flu vaccine: Rationally designed immunogen focuses antibodies to a conserved epitope on influenza A hemagglutinin, 3:55PM - LSC 201

May 18th:

Chloe Fugle—A novel automated 3D cell tracking method for analysis of cell shape dynamics during epithelial morphogenesis, 11:20AM, LSC 100

May 19th

James Hood— The role of receptor proteolysis on innate immune responses in SARS-CoV-2 viral infection, 9:25AM - LSC 100

Annaliese OuYang—Subcellular localization impacts PTEN activity in the murine dentate gyrus, 12:00PM - Kellogg 200

May 22nd:

Helen Laird—Mercury in three colonial seabird species in the Gulf of Maine, 3:30PM - LSC 201

May 23rd:

Anyoko Sewavi—Phosphatases regulate P granule segregation during asymmetric division of the C. elegans zygote, 10:35AM - LSC 100

Arjun Miklos— Searching for genes associated with temperature adaptation within the phylum Thermotogota, 3:55PM - LSC 201

May 24th:

Sicong Shan—Immune checkpoint VISTA regulates type I interferon (IFN-I) production and controls UV light triggered skin IFN-I response, 2:10PM - LSC 100

Eva LeggeAccess to belowground networks modulates seedling growth and survival under different forest management practices, 3:15PM - LSC 100

May 25th:

E. Cooper Tuckerman—Impact of axonal degeneration on myelin sheath morphology and plasticity, 8:20AM - LSC 100

Catherine Golubovsky The short-term impact of increased cyanobacterial abundance on net ecosystem production in experimental ponds, 9:05AM - LSC 100

Mary Basilious— Animal architecture: durability across environments and impacts of acidification, 9:50AM - LSC 100

May 26th

Amarachukwu Nwaoha— An alternative to baby formula: Optimizing culture conditions of a mammary cell line to promote the synthesis of milk proteins, 8:50AM - LSC 100

Vanessa HaggansPFAS partitioning affected by sediment organic carbon and compound profiles in estuarine amphipod exposures, 9:25AM - LSC 100

Samuel Reynolds— Prostate cancer deconvolution and epigenome analysis: Identification of tumor-specific DNA methylation alterations, 2:10PM - LSC 100

Citlalli Vergara— Los Angeles soil: An observational study of biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human health interactions, 2:55PM - LSC 100