Biology Honors Presentations

This year's Biology Honors Thesis students seminars will begin on May 20th. 

2024 Biology Honors Presentations

May 20th, 11:30 AM, LSC 200

Felix Rawlinson — Analysing the effect of varying concentrations of nasally administered ACAT1 inhibitors (F26) on ACAT activity in mice.

Research Advisor: TY Chang


May 23rd, 1:30 PM, LSC 201

Julia Picker – Identification of DCAF Proteins for the CRL4 Ubiquitin Ligase Complex in the Wnt Signaling Pathway.

Research Advisor: Yashi Ahmed


May 23rd, 3:30 PM, LSC 201

Penelope Tir – Characterizing early dendritic growth of hippocampal neurons.

Research Advisor: Bryan Luikart 


May 24th, 11:30 AM, LSC 200

Alexander Stanford – Residency status of CD103-/CD69+ CD4T-cells in the brain

Research Advisor: Pamela Rosato 


May 24th, 2:30 PM, LSC 201

Sarah Lamson – Lipid Peroxidation Stabilizes BNIP3 to Induce Mitophagy and Protect Against Ferroptosis.

Research Advisor: Christopher Shoemaker 


May 24th, 3:30 PM, LSC 100

Wyatt Cummings – Insect communities in the Anthropocene: Acid rain and forest age as drivers of decline.

Research Advisor: Matthew Ayres 


May 24th, 4:15 PM, LSC 100

Ian Smith – Plant Hormone Signaling: Control of cell expansion in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Research Advisor: Eric Schaller 


May 28th, 9:00 AM, LSC 100

Whitney Thomas – Investigating LasR Dependent Citrate Cross-Feeding between pseudomonas aeruginosa and environmental isolates.

Research Advisor: Deborah Hogan 


May 28th, 9:45 AM, LSC 100

Soyeon Cho – Inflammation resulting from organophosphate exposure and its implications in Parkinson's Disease.

Research Advisor Matthew Havrda: 


May 28th, 2:30 PM, LSC 201

Farrar Ransom – The importance of macrofungal community composition in changing temperate forest ecosystems.

Research Advisor: Matthew Ayres 


May 28th, 3:30 PM, LSC 201

Dawn Lim – Balancing of Actin Polymerizing and depolymerizing factors required for Normal Growth

Research Advisor: Magdalena Bezanilla


May 28th, 4:15 PM, LSC 201

Chloe Park – Investigation of Eps1 function in the absence of Kar2.

Research Advisor: Charles Barlowe 


May 29th, 2:30 PM, LSC 201

Anne Katula – Using machine vision to assess global change impacts on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal traits.

Research Advisor: Bala Chaudhary 


May 29th, 3:30 PM, LSC 100

Anna Beth Swain – Investigating sex-specificity of systemic inflammatory responses in Alzheimer's Disease.

Research Advisor: Arti Gaur