Biology Ph.D. Class of 2022!

Congratulations to the Biology Ph.D. Class of 2022!

Wei Chen, Ph.D. - From Force to Form: The Interplay between Tissue Mechanics and Intracellular Trafficking in Morphogenesis

Xiaohang Cheng, Ph.D. - Coordinating Cell Polarity, Expansion and Division in Plant Development

Xintao Fan, Ph.D. - The Role of the Endoplasmic Reticulum and Mitochondria in Partitioning the Cytoplasm in the Early C. Elegans Embryo

Melisa Fuentes, Ph.D - Cell Polarity of Dlg1 Regulates the Spatial Organization and Contractile Behavior of Non-muscle Myosin II During Tissue Morphogenesis

Madilyn Gamble, Ph.D. - The Role of Intralocus Sexual Conflict in the Evolutionary Maintenance of Alternative Reproductive Tactics

Swetha Kasetty, Ph.D. - Microbial Sociality in Biofilms

Lauren Panzera, Ph.D. - Subcellular Control of Synaptic Transmission of The Axon By Voltage-Gated Ion Channels