Cameron D. Paton

Ph.D. Candidate - Hoppa Lab

I grew up in Oakland, California and attended Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon for my undergraduate studies. There, I was a member of the Lewis & Clark varsity baseball team and an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Greta Binford's lab, where I studied the biochemical properties of brown recluse and other Sicariid spider venom toxins. In recognition of my contributions, I was awarded the Biology Prize from Lewis & Clark College in 2019. After graduating from Lewis & Clark College, I joined Dr. Kelly Monk's lab at Oregon Health & Science University as a research assistant and became immersed in neuroscience and glial cell biology. In pursuit of my newfound interest in neuroscience, I joined the MCB program in 2021 and eventually joined the Dr. Mike Hoppa's lab to study the molecular underpinnings of synapses using optogenetics. In my free time, Cameron is an avid foodie, self-proclaimed baseball nerd, boardsports enthusiast, and pet lover.


Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center, 310
HB Hinman Box 7560