Carol L. Folt

Academic Appointments

Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences
University of North Carolina Chancellor

HB 6004
B.A. University of California at Santa Barbara
M.A. University of California at Santa Barbara
Ph.D. University of California at Davis

Selected publications

Ward, D M, K H Nislow, and C L Folt, Increased Population Density and Suppressed Prey Biomass: Relative Impacts on Juvenile Atlantic Salmon Growth, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society , 138:1 (2009) 135-143.

Chen, C Y, P C Pickhardt, M Q Xum, and C L Folt, “Mercury and Arsenic Bioaccumulation and Eutrophication in Baiyangdian Lake,” Water, AirandSoil Pollution , 190:1-4 (2008) 115-127.

Kennedy B P, K H Nislow, and C L Folt, “Linking Consumption Rates to Habitat, Growth and Survival of Juvenile Atlantic Salmon,” Ecology , 89:9 (2008) 2529-2541.

Ward, D M, K H Nislow, and C L Folt, “Do Native Species Limit Survival of Reintroduced Altantic Salmon in Historic Rearing Streams?” Biological Conservation , 141:1 (2008) 146-152.

Karimi, R, C Y Chen, N S Fisher, P C Pickhardt, and C L Folt, “Stoichiometric Controls of Mercury Dilution by Growth,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104:18 (2007) 7477-7482.

Shaw, J R, J K Colbourne, J C Davey, S P Glaholt, T H Hampton, C Y Chen, C L Folt, and J W Hamilton, “Gene Response Profiles for Daphnia pulex Exposed to the Environmental Stressor Cadmium Reveals Novel Crustacean Metallothioneins,” BMC Genomics , 8:477 (2007).

Works in progress

Accumulation and biomagnification of metals

Genomic responses to metal toxicity

Restoration of Atlantic salmon