Ridhi Chandarana Rajesh

Ph.D. Candidate - Calsbeek Lab

I am interested in the role of plasticity in enabling species persistence in new ecosystems such as urban spaces. Does plasticity contribute in invading, colonising and persisting in novel ecosystems? Climate change being an omnipresent threat, I am particularly interested in the potential of thermal physiology traits to exhibit plasticity. 


Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center, 109
HB Hinman Box 6044

Selected Publications

  • Asana, F. A., Young, J. C., Oommen, M. A., Chandarana, R., August, J., Joshi, J., ... & Purse, B. V. (2021). Operationalising the "One Health" approach in India: facilitators of and barriers to effective cross-sector convergence for zoonoses prevention and control. BMC public health, 21(1), 1-21

    Mehta, P., Kulkarni, J., Talmale, S., & Chandarana, R. (2018). Diets of sympatric forest owlets, spotted owlets, and jungle owlets in east Kalibhit forests, Madhya Pradesh, India. The Journal of Raptor Research, 52(3), 338-348.

    Chandarana, R., Manoharakrishnan, M., & Shanker, K. (2017). Long-term monitoring and community-based conservation of olive ridley turtles in Odisha. CMPA Technical Series, (7).