Sitwat Aman

Research Associate

Area of research interest/expertise:

Fundamental questions in biology based on cellular stress responses of fruits and plants at genomics and proteomics levels by using modern molecular biology tools. Working on the regulation of plant growth and development by plant hormones. Expertise in molecular biology, evolutionary biology/genetics and bioinformatics.


LSC 304
HB 6044

Selected Publications

  • Samina N. Shakeel, Swadhin Swain, Sitwat Aman, and G. Eric Schaller (2021). Interaction of Cytokinin and Ethylenein the Regulation of Primary Root Growth and Development.

    Alveena Zulfiqar, Beenish Jehan Azhar, Aroosa Zeb, Asyia Zeenat, Sitwat Aman, Scott A Heckerthorn & Samina N Shakeel (2021). Screening of Rice Varieties Based on Remodeling of Root Architecture Linked to Enhanced Phosphorus Transporters and Ethylene Signaling for Better Phosphorous Acquisition under Limiting Conditions. Sains Malaysiana 50: 1621-1638.

    Asma Ahmed, Kinza Rashid Gill, Hassan Akbar Khan, Sitwat Aman, Javed Anver Qureshi and Rafia Mehmood (2021). Pharmacological and Toxicological Appraisal of Promising Enzyme-tyrosinase Isolated from Soil Bacteria-an Update. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International 33: 273-288.

    Abbas S, Saeed S, Ammar M, Aman S, Shakeel SN (2018).  Effect of High Temperature on Activities and Lipid Production in Mutants of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0634.