Tracy Punshon

Research Assistant Professor

The best thing about my research is getting to see the distribution of elements inside cells and tissues. I use spatially resolved elemental mapping to characterize the function of genes involved in metal transport. In my current work, I am mapping the environmental contaminants arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury in human placental tissue to understand how these elements influence fetal health.

Curriculum Vitae
603 646 1037
HB 6044
Biological Sciences

Selected Publications

Punshon, T., K.D. Hirschi, A. Lanzirotti, B. Lai, and M.L. Guerinot (2012), The role of CAX1 and CAX3 in elemental distribution and abundance in Arabidopsis seed. Plant Physiology. Plant Physiology 158 (1) p352-362.

Jackson BP, Taylor VF, Karagas MR, Punshon T, Cottingham KL. Arsenic, organic foods and brown rice syrup. Environmental Health Perpectives. 2012; In Press

Donner, E., T. Punshon, M.L. Guerinot, and E. Lombi (2012), Understanding metal(loid) processes in plant through the integration of synchrotron techniques and plant molecular biology. Analytical Bioanalytical Chemistry. ePub ahead of print

Carey, A.M., E. Lombi, E. Donner, T. Punshon, B.P. Jackson, M.D. de Jonge, A.H. Price, and A.A. Meharg (2011) Arsenic, germanium and selenium speciation and localization in rice grain. Analytical Bioanalytical Chemistry. Anal Bioanal Chem. 2011 Dec 8. PMID: 22159463

Carey, A.M., G.J. Norton, C. Deacon, K.G. Scheckel, E. Lombi, T. Punshon, M.L. Guerinot, A. Lanzirotti, M. Newville, Y. Choi, A.H. Price, and A.A. Meharg (2011). Phloem transport of arsenic species from flag leaf to grain during grain filling. New Phytologist,192(1): p. 87-98.

Karagas, M.R., A.S. Andrew, H.H. Nelson, Z. Li, T. Punshon, A. Schned, C.J. Marsit, J.S. Morris, J.H. Moore, A.L. Tyler, D. Gilbert-Diamond, M.L. Guerinot, and K.T. Kelsey (2011), SLC39A2 and FSIP1 polymorphisms as potential modifiers of arsenic-related bladder cancer. Human Genetics. Hum Genetics 131 (3), p453-461.

Gilbert-Diamond D, Cottingham KL, Gruber JF, Punshon T, Sayarath V, Gandolfi AJ, Baker ER, Jackson BP, Folt CL, Karagas MR. Rice consumption contributes to arsenic exposure in US women. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011 Dec 5. PMID: 22143778

Gruber, J.F., M.R. Karagas, D. Gilbert-Diamond, P. Bagley, M.S. Zens, V. Sayarath, T. Punshon, J.S. Morris, and K.L. Cottingham (2011), Associations between toenail arsenic accumulation and dietary factors in a New Hampshire population. Nutrition Journal. In Press.

Jackson, B.P., V.F. Taylor, K.L. Cottingham, and T. Punshon (2011), Arsenic concentration and speciation in infant formulas and first foods. Pure and Applied Chemistry 84, p215-224

Chu, H-H., Chiecko, J., Punshon, T., Lanzirotti, A. Lahner, B., Salt, D. and Walker, E. (2010 In press) Successful reproduction requires the function of Arabidopsis YELLOW STRIPE-LIKE1 and1TRACY PUNSHONDepartment of Biological Sciences, Dartmouth College, HB6044, Hanover, NH, 03755. Tel(603) 646 1037, Fax (603) 646 1347: [email protected] STRIPE-LIKE3 metal-nicotianamine transporters in both vegetative and reproductivestructures. Plant Physiology DOI:10.1104/pp110.159103

Punshon T, Guerinot ML, Lanzirotti A (2009) Using synchrotron x-ray fluorescence microprobesin the study of metal homeostasis in plants. Annals of Botany 103: 665-672

High WA, Ranville JF, Brown M, Punshon T, Lanzirotti A, Jackson BP (2009) Gadoliniumdeposition in nephrogenic systemic fibrosis: An examination of tissue using synchrotron x-rayfluorescence spectroscopy. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 62: 38-44

Kim SA, Punshon T, Lanzirotti A, Liangtao L, Alonso JM, Ecker JR, Kaplan J, Guerinot ML (2006)Localization of iron in Arabidopsis seed requires the vacuolar membrane transporter VIT1.Science 314: 1295-1298

Burger J, Murray S, Gaines KF, Punshon T, Shukla T, Dixon C, Gochfield M (2006) Elementlevels in snakes in South Carolina: Differences between a contaminated and a reference site onthe Savannah River Site. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 112: 35-52

Punshon T, Lanzirotti A, Harper S, Bertsch PM, Burger J (2005) Distribution and speciation ofmetals in annual rings of black willow. Journal of Environmental Quality 34: 1165-1173

Punshon T, Jackson BP, Lanzirotti A, Hopkins W, Bertsch P, Burger J (2005) Application ofsynchrotron x-ray microbeam spectroscopy to the determination of metal distribution andspeciation in biological tissues. Spectroscopy Letters 38: 343-363

Punshon T, Jackson BP, Bertsch PM, Burger J (2004) Mass loading of nickel and uranium onplant surfaces: Application of LA-ICP-MS. Journal of Environmental Monitoring 6: 153-159

Punshon T, Gaines KF, Jenkins Jr. RA (2003) Bioavailability and trophic transfer of sedimentbound Ni and U in a southeastern wetland system. Archives of Environmental Contaminationand Toxicology 44: 30-35

Punshon T, Gaines KF, Bertsch PM, Burger J (2003) Bioavailability of uranium and nickel tovegetation in a contaminated riparian ecosystem. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 22:1146-1154

Punshon T, Bertsch PM, Lanzirotti A, McLeod KW, Burger J (2003) Geochemical signature ofcontaminated sediment remobilization revealed by spatially resolved X-ray microanalysis ofannual rings of Salix nigra L. Environmental Science and Technology 37: 1766-1774

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Dickinson NM, Punshon T (1997) Mobilisation of heavy metals using short rotation coppice. Aspects of Applied Biology 49: 285-292

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