Yuki Shindo

Post-doctoral Scholar

I am fascinated by the elaborate and beautiful spatial organization of the cell. Subcellular compartments, such as organelles, create unique biochemical environments and molecular compositions within the cell, and I believe such intracellular organization is one of the major aspects that makes a cell a cell, not just a "mere bag of enzymes". I combine quantitative imaging, biochemistry, genetics, and mathematical modeling to seek to discover the fundamental mechanisms that cooperate to give rise to the highly organized cellular environment. My research focuses on the nuclear compartment and uses early Drosophila embryos as a model to understand the mechanisms that govern the dynamic remodeling of intracellular organization over the course of development. 


Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center, 209
HB 6044


  • BA: Keio University
  • MMG: Keio University
  • PhD: Osaka University

Selected Publications