Student Kudos! Summer Research Experiences: Marine Biology in Woods Hole

Andrew Bridges and Molly McQuilken are Ph.D. students in the Molecular and Cell Biology Graduate Program and as members of the Gladfelter Lab, they spent the summer doing research at the Marine Biological Lab (MBL) in Woods Hole.  The Gladfelter Lab studies cell organization, cell division cycles and septin cytoskeleton assembly and function.  Each year members of the lab travel to MBL to work with collaborators as Molly describes the experience "fully immerse ourselves in science. We live with scientists, eat with scientists, and socialize with scientists. The rewards of such an experience are immense.”  Full story.

Robin Costello: Road Noise and Singing Insects

A video presentation of Robin Costello's undergraduate thesis project.

A link to Robin's peer-reviewed publication of her undergraduate thesis work:

Costello, Robin A., L. B. Symes. 2014. Effects of anthropogenic noise on male signalling behaviour and female phonotaxis in Oecanthus tree crickets. Animal Behaviour 95:15-22. Link.