Olga Zhaxybayeva

Faculty and Student Kudos! Faculty and Student Publication

Kudos to Prof. Olga Zhaxybayeva and Milo Johnson '13 on their recent publication!

Caroline E. Whidden, Katrina G. DeZeeuw, Jackie K. Zorz, Andrew P. Joy,
David A. Barnett, Milo S. Johnson, Olga Zhaxybayeva, and Amanda M.
Cockshutt: "Quantitative and Functional Characterization of the
Hyper-Conserved Protein of Prochlorococcus and marine Synechococcus",
PLoS ONE, 2014, 9: e109327.

Deep Biosphere Teeming with Bacteria

A recent article on Motherboard describes work done by Prof. Olga Zhaxybayeva shows that the deep oil reserves are loaded with microbes that have been busy swapping genetic material for eons.  For a link to the full article, please click here.

The full scientific findings are published in the following publication:

Nesbo CL, S Swithers K, Dahle H, Haverkamp TH, Birkeland NK, Sokolova T, Kublanov I, Zhaxybayeva O. (2014) "Evidence for extensive gene flow and Thermotoga subpopulations in subsurface and marine environments." ISME Journal, Published online on Dec 12. doi: 10.1038/ismej.2014.238.

Professor Olga Zhaxybayeva is named Simons Investigator

Professor Olga Zhaxybayeva has been selected to be one of the 2014 Simons Investigators in Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems.  This support enables the long-term research of "outstanding theoretical scientists."  For more information about the Simons Foundation, please visit their website.