The Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center

In keeping with the mission of Dartmouth College, the faculty and staff of the Department of Biological Sciences are committed to providing educational and research experiences of the highest quality for undergraduate and graduate students as a means of developing a deeper understanding of biology at the levels of molecules, cells, organisms and the environment.  

About Biological Sciences

The department offers numerous and diverse courses in biology, including our foreign studies program. These courses may be combined in different ways to complete the requirements of the major. We stress the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills both in the classroom and as students conduct original research in faculty laboratories.

The biology department is located in the new Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center. Be sure to visit the greenhouses to see a unique teaching collection that includes the Brout Orchid Collection.  The greenhouse is open to the public Monday through Friday, 9AM until 4PM (except during college holidays).