BioFSP in Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science

DJUS Journal Year

2010 - present

Effects of Epiphyte Cover on Seagrass Growth Rates in Two Tidal Zones
by Kelly Aho ‘11 and Elin Beck ‘12

Effects of Ocean Acidification on a Turtle Grass Meadow 
by Marielle Battistoni ‘11, Katherine Fitzgerald ‘11, and Suzanne Kelson ‘12

Energy Optimization and Foraging Preference in Hummingbirds 
by Marielle Battistoni ‘11, Elin Beck ‘12, Sara Remsen ‘12, and Frances Wang ‘12

Blindfolded Birdwatching: The Effect of Harmonics on Localization of Bird Calls
by Nichole Brown '11, Jennifer Fownes '11, Molly Grear '11, Daniel O'Donnell '11 

Light Availability and Multi-Level Defenses of Urtica dioica
by Daewoong Dillon Lee '08



What’s In a Fig? The Interactions Between Figs, Fig Wasps, and Fig Wasp Parasitoids
by Yiran Gu '09 

Research: With A Little Help from My Friends: Benefits of Schooling in Ocean Surgeonfish
by Yiran Gu '09 & Alanna H. Purdy '09 

The Importance of Small-Scale Structures in Reducing Space Limitations on Juvenile Fish in Reef Systems 
by Chad Gorbatkin '08 and Sarah Isbey '08

Evaluating the Exploitative Ecosystems Hypothesis in a Marine-influenced River Community 
by Andrew Carreras '06, Brian Bates '06, and Paul Wright '07

Comparison of Foraging Behavior Between Howler Monkeys, Spider Monkeys, and Squirrel Monkeys 
by Katherine Amato '07, Dunya Onen '07, Sarah Emel '06, and Christina May '05

Vertical Distribution and Competitive Interactions of Ant-following Birds
by Sarah Emel '06, Andrew Carreras '06, Catrina Lindgren '04, and Nate Raines '07

Patterns in the Amount of Leaf Litter Dropped by Hyeronima alchoreoides of Varying Ages 
by Chad Valderrama '06

Effects of Bauxite on Marine Invertebrate Populations in Discovery Bay, Jamaica 
by Cayelan Carey '06 and Chelsea Wood '06

Diurnal Changes in Tripneustes ventricosus Covering Response in Thalassia testudinum Sea Grass Beds 
by Melissa Barger '05, Jenny Jun '05, and Timothy Matsuura '05

Influence of Light Availability on Delayed Greening Strategy in Welfia georgii 
by Melissa Barger '05, Cayelan Carey '06, Anna Nowogrodzki '05 and Chelsea Wood '06

Effects of Tidal Stage on the Patterns of Fishing Activity in Noctilio leporinus 
by Daniel Madigan '05 and Chad Valderrama '05

Differential Effect of Depth on Microhabitat Selection in Two Groups of Polychaete Tube Worms 
by Jonathon Raffensperger '06 and Chad Valderrama '05

DJUS Journal Year


Effect of Substrate Type on Fish Distribution in the Rio Claro
by R. Scott Cushman '03, Paul Marino '04, and Stephen Weller '05

A Novel Reproductive Response of a Planktonic Herbivore to Temperature Stress 
by Liza Pfaff '99, Joel Wickre '03 and Sierra Moldovan '02

Aquatic insect diversity as an indicator of water quality in the Quebrada Guacimal
Christina L. Glastris ’01, Margaret L. Grace ’01, Shane R. Heath ’01, & Patrick S. Leslie ’01

Nitrogen allocation in Pentaclethra macroloba cotyledons in five developmental stage classes
Christopher M. Leander ’01

Resource partitioning in army ant bird communities
Maria S. Calvi '00, Megan K. Jennings '00, Michael D. Foote '01, and Laura R. Nagy G

Population dynamics and demographics of a tropical lizard (Basiliscus basiliscus) in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica
Linda E. Aucoin ’00, Aliette K. Frank '00, Benjamin R. Arnold '00, and Marc N. Conte '00

The effects of time and tide on foraging behavior of the piscivorous bulldog bat
Jessica S. Veysey ’00, James A. Macintosh ’01, Katherine W. Manaras ’00, and Cheryl B. Shannon '00

Sexual selection or wind dispersal?  Alternative explanations for the evolution of gigantism in Dahlia species (Asteraceae)
Benjamin Arnold '00, Ashley Brown ’00, Sarah E. Laplante ’00, and Jessica S. Veysey ’00

The role of epiphyte loading on Zostera marina growth rate
Christopher Root '00

The effects of light and substrate type on the emergence of demersal zooplankton
Maria Snowblanket Calvi '00