Studying Small Bacterial Cities - Biofilms

Professor Carey Nadell's laboratory studies the interesting interactions of microbes and their environments within biofilms.  Biofilms are collaborative communities made up of billions of microbes.  These microbial communities may be found to play a beneficial roles such as in the gut where they help with digestion.  They can also establish themselves in less desirable places where they cause dangerous infections.  Prof. Nadell and his lab members are interested in learning how and why microbes come together to create these communities.  For more information about Prof. Nadell and his work, please see the Dartmouth News article by Joseph Blumberg at this link:

Photo from left to right:  Swetha Kasetty, EEES graduate student, Professor Carey Nadell and Matthew Bond, MCB graduate student


Photograph by Eli Burakian '00.