Professor Eric Schaller featured in ASPB News

Professor Eric Schaller is featured in the July/August 2018 American Society of Plant Biologists' News Luminaries Column.  In the article, Prof. Schaller talks about growing up around scientists and how he became interested in molecular biology at a young age.  In college, he cultivated his interest in molecular biology and near the end of his undergraduate studies, he decided to focus his work on plants.  

Plants remain the focus of the work done in Prof. Schaller's research labororatory, The Phytohormone Signaling Laboratory.  His laboratory studies the role of two plant hormones, ethylene and cytokinin, in plant growth and development.

In addition to being a successful teacher and research scientist, Prof. Schaller is an accomplished writer of fiction.  While writing fiction may seem far removed from the world of research science, Prof. Schaller says in the article "One positive outcome of my fiction writing is that it enables me to engage with audiences less frequently encountered by academics, but who are often quite interested in science."

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