Emma Esterman '20 wins Biology's Francis L. Town Scientific Prize

Emma Esterman '20 is the recipient of this year's The Francis L. Town Scientific Prize in Biology.  Emma was awarded the Town price for academic excellence in her biology coursework and for her research endeavors in the laboratory of Prof. Olga Zhaxybayeva.

Emma is a Rufus Choate Scholar and a Phi Beta Kappa Sophomore Prize recipient.  In addition to her outstanding grade point average, Emma has received several citations for her exemplary course work. 

In the fall of her sophomore year, Emma began working with Prof. Zhaxybayeva and is currently a James O. Freedman Presidential scholar in the lab.  This winter, Emma will be doing an off-term research internship at the National Center for Biotechnology Information in Bethesda, Maryland where she will be learning more about viral evolution.

Congratulations, Emma, on winning the Town Prize and for all of your remarkable achievements!


The Francis L. Town Scientific Prize 

Each department of scientific study at Dartmouth awards the Town Prize to one meritorious and deserving student at the end of the sophomore year.  This prize was established by the bequest of Francis L. Town, a member of the class of 1856 from Lancaster, New Hampshire.

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