The Class of 2020

The Biology Department congratulates all members of the graduating Class of 2020!

We are proud of the hard work that our students have done during their time at Dartmouth.  We wish each of you all the best and we look forward to hearing from you about all of the exciting new adventures you pursue over the coming years!

Congratulations to our Ph.D. recipients:

Dr. Jingxuan Lei Cui from Prof. Lee Lynd's lab

Dr. Rebecca Finger from Prof. Ross Virginia's lab and Prof. Matt Ayres' lab

Dr. Timothy Gauvin from Prof. Erik Griffin's lab

Dr. Debora Goedert from Prof. Ryan Calsbeek's lab

Dr. Fiona Jevon from Prof. Matt Ayres' lab and Prof. Jaclyn Matthes lab (Wellesley)

Dr. Andrew Vacca from Prof. Kathy Cottingham's lab


Congratulations to biology majors receiving a Bachelor of Arts:

Tanner T. Aiono - High Honors
Alana C. Bernys - High Honors
Arjun Bhatt
Isabelle S. Brick
Katheryn L. Caplinger
Iniko M. Ceaser
Adrian Clark
Alexandra E. Conway
Franklin E. Corea-Dilbert - High Honors
Tiffany T. D'cruze
Sarishka S. Desai
Nayeli I. Diez de Bonilla
Ryan J. Ding
Lauren A. Dusseau
Morgan E. Elbow
Edward A. Einsidler
Emma S. Esterman - High Honors - Valedictorian
Jacob E. Gonzalez
Samuel R. Greenberg
Kaysi T. Herrera Pujols
Michael W. Huang
Elisabeth B. Jenkins
Sydney M. Johnson
Katherine R. Kane - High Honors
Mason L. Koch
Eric R. Laderman - High Honors
Andrew J. Li - High Honors
Rebecca Q. Luo
Hannah J. Marr - High Honors
Quinn K. McCormick
Rosa M. Mendoza
Callie A. Page
Sruti Pari - HIgh Honors
Magdalena T. Raska
Henry Raymond
Frederika I. Rentzeperis
Christina E. Rombaut
Ethan R. Ruh
Timothy J. Sanford
Madeline K. Schoenberger
Shane M. Sellar
Natalie R. Sontag
Katherine E. Spanos
Aishwarya L. Sritharan
Meredith K. Srour
Julia A. Stevenson
Courtney T. Stump - High Honors
Henry W. Stusnick
Kyle H. Sullivan
Alexsandra V. Terrio - High Honors
Alexa M. Tucker
Kiera L. Vrindten
Hana C. Warmflash
Alexa J. Wing


Congratulations to biology minors receiving Bachelor of Arts:

Sarah A. Abramowitz
Vanessa Chhoa
Shepard C. Conner
Jessica E. Kobsa
Jonah M. Levine
Victoria J. Nedder - Salutatorian
Isabella M. Pesavento
Jeffrey T. Poomkudy
Bryan D. Shin
Nitya L. Thakore
Diana G. Vizza


Congratulations to the Biology Department Award Recipients:

Tanner T. Aiono - Christopher G. Reed Biologist Award and the William W. Eggleston 1891 Memorial Prize in Botany

Alana C. Bernys - Christopher G. Reed Biologist Award

Emma S. Esterman - Christopher G. Reed Biologist Award

Katherine R. Kane - Christopher G. Reed Biologist Award

Eric R. Laderman - Christopher G. Reed Biologist Award and the Florence Fletcher Charles Memorial Prize in Botany

Courtney T. Stump - Christopher G. Reed Biologist Award