Aman S. Aberra

Neukom Postdoctoral Fellow

Our thoughts, decisions, and actions are mediated by the coordinated electrical and chemical activity of the nearly 100 billion neurons in our brains. As a biomedical engineer, I'm fascinated both by how these bioelectrical processes function at the cellular level and how we can use electromagnetic fields to modulate neural activity and treat disorders. In my doctoral work, I developed multi-scale computational models of the neural response to noninvasive brain stimulation methods, including a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation, which provided mechanistic explanations for experimental observations that were previously not well understood. As a Neukom fellow and member of the Hoppa Lab, I'm using novel genetic and optical tools to characterize the dynamic molecular and electrical properties of axons and synapses during normal brain function, as well as during stimulation with applied electromagnetic fields. Using these experimental data, I'm continuing to build computational neural models to allow us to optimize stimulation parameters for more effective target engagement.


HB 6044