Jennifer Conrad Awarded USDA-NIFA Predoctoral Fellowship

Molecular and Cellular Biology graduate student, Jennifer Conrad, has been awarded a pre-doctoral fellowship by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture for her work on the role of plant hormone cytokinin in the architecture of rice root systems.  Jennifer works in the laboratory of Prof. G. Eric Schaller.  The lab is interested in the roles played by the plant hormones cytokinin and ethylene in plant growth and the responses plants have to changes in their environment.

FASEB BioArt Image Winners!

Prof. Mary Lou Guerinot's lab and Prof. Thomas Jack's lab are two of eleven winners of the FASEB BioArt Competition. 

The image of a heat map of zinc in a plant leaf from the Guerinot lab represents work done by Prof. Mary Lou Guerinot, Prof. Tracy Punshon, former MCB graduate student, Dr. Maria Hindt and current MCB graduate student Suzana Car.

Prof. Thomas Jack, his former post-doctoral scholar, Dr. Nathanael Prunet and Dr. Elliot Meyerowitz of Caltech submitted the winning image of a developing flower.

Winning images will be displayed at the National Institutes of Health Visitor Center next year.  To view all winning images please click here.  To read the full press release, please click here.

Sarah Colon '17, "Obesity and Food Insecurity: A Public Health Paradox"

Sarah Colon '17 and former US Assistant Surgeon General, Susan Blumenthal, published an opinion piece in the Huffington Post about the paradox of the high rates of childhood obesity and food insecurity in America.  The article states "While 15.3 million children live in food insecure households, one-third of all American children are obese or overweight."  The authors discussed ideas for using established federal programs that target food insecurity to improve food choices made by recipients of the programs. Sarah is an undergraduate researcher in Prof. Mary Lou Guerinot's laboratory and a Health Policy Intern at New America. Click here to read the piece in the Huffington Post.

Prof. Amy Gladfelter receives prestigious ASCB Award

Prof. Amy Gladfelter is being honored with a Women in Cell Biology Mid-Career Award for Excellence in Research work by the American Society of Cell Biology.  Elizabeth F. Smith, Associate Dean of the Sciences, says of Prof. Gladfelter's work “She has had a consistent track record of outstanding research, pushing the limits of imaging technology and its application to addressing important questions in cell biology. In terms of Women in Cell Biology awardees, she finds herself in the company of numerous National Academy of Sciences members as well as a Nobel laureate.”  For the full Dartmouth Now article, please click here.

Washington Post Highlights Prof. ter Hofstede's Study

Prof. ter Hofstede's paper "Sensory-based niche partitioning in a multiple predator - multiple prey community" was featured in the Washington Post.  The study published in the June 7, 2015 The Royal Society Proceedings B, looked at four species of gleaning bats and found that each species preferred different acoustic features in 12 prey species of katydids.  These findings may provide insight into the evolution of prey signal evolution. 

Maria Hindt Receives Croasdale Award

Maria Hindt, Ph.D. received the Croasdale Award from the Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr.  Jon Kull, for her exemplary scholarship as a graduate student.  As a member of  in Prof. Mary Lou Guerinot's lab in the Department of Biological Sciences, Dr. Hindt's studies focused on iron homeostasis in plants.  For the full article from the Graduate Student Forum, please click here.

Spooky Science

Prof. Eric Schaller and New York Times best-selling author, Jeff VanderMeer were the featured speakers a MIT Communications Forum on April 6, 2015.  Prof. Schaller and Mr. VanderMeer discussed the ideas that inspired the Southern Reach Trilogy (Annihilation, Authority, and Acceptance).  Prof. Schaller served as a sounding board for scientific concepts that informed VanderMeer's Southern Reach trilogy and he also illustrated a number of VanderMeer’s novels.  Please click here to view the complete and often hillarious discussion.